How many people are in a group?

We break into 4 groups of 10-12 people.  If you come with your friends or family, we will keep you in the same group.  Please be respectful to all people in your group.  Most are here to attempt to collect evidence.  Keep conversation to a minimum when at the location.  We spend approximately 30 minutes at each location.

Can I pay the night of?

No.  Reservations are made through EP Tom Sawyer's Activities Director.  We have a maximum of 50 people per tour to ensure a quality experience for everyone.  If spots are left the day of the tour, you can register at the park that day. The cost is $25/per person. All ages are welcome, but if under 16, you must be accompanied by an adult.

Is there a lot of walking?

Yes.  We walk to each location in the park (approximately a 5-7 minute walk).  Wear weather appropriate clothing and comfortable shoes.

What do I bring?

We encourage everyone to have a flashlight.  We also encourage you to bring your own investigative tools to collect evidence of activity.  A camera and an audio recorder are inexpensive beginning ghost hunting tools.  You can also use the apps on your cellphone.  You may want to bring a bag chair if you would like to sit down when you get to each location. 

Will I see the evidence collected the night of the tour?

Yes.  Any evidence we collect during the tour will be posted on our website or Facebook page. We encourage everyone to post their evidence to our Facebook page too. If you have questions about something you think you may have caught, feel free to email us.

Our team is looking forward to investigating with you.  If you have any further questions, you can contact us or EP Tom Sawyer State Park.

Spirits of Sawyer 2017

Friday, October 13, 2017 8:30pm-12:30am

This is our fifth year leading the public investigation of E.P. Tom Sawyer State Park's Event "Spirits of Sawyer". We set out to help prove and capture evidence of paranormal activity that occurs in the park after hours.

The history of the park goes back to the late 1700's when Isaac Hite settled the land.  In the late 1800's the Hite family sold the land to the state to build a boys' home.  The boys' home later became the fourth Kentucky Lunatic Asylum, later known as Lakeland Asylum and is currently Central State Hospital in its newer facility.  Most of the buildings are gone, but the history of the land is still telling its story. 

We take you on a paranormal investigation of four areas of the park that have the most paranormal activity: the cave, the cemetery, the area where the asylum building sat and the barn.  Paranormal Investigators from our team will be at each location to help with the investigation and answer questions.  We use all of our investigative equipment and allow you to use it as well to try to attempt communication with those who still linger out of our sight.


Where do we meet?
The Sawyer Hayes Community Center is located at 2201 Lakeland Road; not at the main park building with the swimming pool. You can arrive at 8:30. We have information you can review on the history of the park & speak with our paranormal investigators.  At 9pm, we will do a short presentation of the history and paranormal evidence we have found at each location.  We will then break into groups and head out to begin our investigations.