​​The paranormal is not easy to capture and rarely occurs when you are trying to capture it on film or audio. This is what keeps the field so mysterious and hard to document through proven scientific methods.  

Investigating the paranormal in real life is not like you see on the edited ghost shows on TV.  You can have every piece of equipment at your disposal and be at one of the most haunted locations and not document anything on audio or video.  We sit for hours in dark, dirty, desolate places asking the same questions over and over and waiting for something paranormal to happen, but when something finally does, it is life-changing and makes it all worthwhile.  And what we do not capture on a recording, but experience with our own senses, is just written up as a personal experience and usually becomes one we will never forget.

We want to thank everyone for following us and our journeys into the paranormal and will continue to try to update evidence on our website as frequently as possible. 

We have been leading the paranormal tours for EP Tom Sawyer State Park for the past four years.  

Here is some information on how the tour works.  

We will post the date for 2017 as soon as possible.  It is usually held in the fall.

Our evidence from our investigations that we are able to share are in the links below. 

Click on the link to learn more about the place and the evidence we have collected.

We also post video from our investigations on our YouTube Channel.  Please subscribe for updates!

Our Evidence